Four Eagles Farm

Four Eagles Farm was started in 1991 when owner, Devon Strong, began farming with native ceremony and biodynamic practice on leased land. For over 20 years previous, he had been working with farrier and shearing services in the Northwest states as well as leasing land for a small farming practice raising hay and market gardens, with Four Eagles as a namesake.   Devon started the first CSA in the southern Oregon Rogue Valley with the support of over 50 families. In 1997 an expanding business and a severe flood forced Four Eagles to move to a larger piece of land in Siskiyou County, northern California.  There he began raising buffalo as well as a market garden and sheep flock.  Today Devon, and Four Eagles is located in this same area on 220 acres, surrounded by other family farms raising grain and cattle.

Four Eagles Farm was represented at the International Biodynamic Conference in Switzerland. At the conference he presented the native connection to bison as an alternative to cows, and suited to American biodynamics.   He was happily surprised when the group, not known for changing what Rudolf Steiner outlined in the agricultural course in 1924, accepted his presentation.

Biodynamic farming is based on the belief that the farm is self-contained organic entity. It focuses on the importance of the integration of crops, livestock, soil and nutrients.  Even the farmer is an aspect of the whole.  Biodynamic preparations are the cornerstone of the practice and are believed to transfer supernatural terrestrial and cosmic forces into the soil.

About using biodynamic practices, Devon says, “I was trying to make organic gardening and native practices fit together with limited success.  When presented with a European spiritual based agriculture practice I asked what spirits were involved in it? The answer was ‘undines (water spirits), salamanders, fairies, and gnomes’. When I realized that they were the same as the earth, air, fire, and water spirits that represent native practice I was on my way.”

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