Help them save their farm

Yes, you can make a difference. Help save an organic farm and cultural education center in Kahaluu by donating today to Hui Aloha Aina Momona.

Over the last seven years, they have transformed a 2.947 acre lot into a cultural education center and organic farmstead after 70 years of chemical agriculture. Their goal has been to see a new type of farm school being created on Oahu, one that focuses on subsistence lifestyle and cultural practices as the foundation for the future of agriculture in Hawaii.

In the end of June 2021, their landowners sent them a written notice giving them 90 days to move. They have been in total shock.  The landlords have been financially impacted by the pandemic and see the current real estate market as solution. Zillow lists the farm between 1.2 – 1.8 million. They do qualify for a loan, but are short of the total. This leaves them to raise $400K of which they are asking for our help.

Through hands on workshops and education centered around kalo, indigenous farming practices, imu, and other activities, they work to connect people to the land and each other. In Kahaluu, they provide weekly taro pounding and monthly farming workshops. They also teach people to make their own taro pounding boards and stones and hold monthly community imu. During the pandemic, they shared over 30,000 huli (taro seedlings) across the islands as their way to help families take control of where their food comes from. These huli became mental, physical and spiritual connections to hope and inspired many to give and share food that they grow.

Donate now on GoFund.Me.

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