Bumpy Road Ranch of Leona Valley, CA

Bumpy Road Ranch is a small farm in Leona Valley, CA that specializes in raising heritage hogs, humanely raised animals, and organically raised foods.  Twenty five years ago when Christie Simms and her family still lived in the city, they started out by raising chickens.  After moving to Leona Valley, Christie says, ” I had decided to raise my own pork.  I started by raising 1 pig for my family a year and 1 for my best friend. Then more and more people wanted pork from us and eggs. We raise our Pigs in a nice pasture and they have a covered shelter for inclement weather or for safety from predators. The rest of the time they are roaming around the ranch.”

Bumpy Road ranch is not Certified Organic but all of their animals are fed organically with no soy or GMO feed. They offer pastured eggs,  from chickens which help manage cover crops, control bugs, and add nutrients back into the soil along with producing a high quality organic egg.

Christie says, “if you are interested in learning more about our farm, please contact us and let us know your thoughts. Our family eats what we sell and drinks the water that the animals get also. We will be having meat chickens soon also.”

Currently Bumpy Road Ranch has several items listed for sale on Pick-A-Pepper.com, such as raw goat milk, 1/2 a hog, or pastured eggs.  You can also learn more and see what they have available at their website: http://www.bumpyroadranch.com/

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