Alger Family Farm

In 1992, the Alger Family decided to leave the suburban area of Chicago, IL to come to southwest Missouri in order to eliminate their family’s debt and live a slower lifestyle. They purchased a small fixer upper home in the town of Carthage, MO and spent several years fixing it home. While fixing it up, they got used to the slower lifestyle and the rural area and decided that they would like to raise healthy food for their large family of ten (at the time). It was quite difficult to afford healthy food for a one income large family. While living in town, they started reading everything we could about raising livestock and gardening. But, in order to accomplish the goal of raising their own food, they had to move.

Northwest of Carthage, they bought another small fixer-upper small on ten acres about ten minutes from town. For seven years, they milked their family cow Becky, raised lamb, beef and chicken for their own table and had plenty of laying hens to provide eggs. As the Alger family learned to raise food in a healthy way, they decided that to help others enjoy the taste of naturally raised meats and eggs.

Over the years, they sold some of their surplus, but didn’t really have enough property to expand much more. In 2005, they had finished fixing up the house in Carthage and had the opportunity to move to fifty-five acres just northwest of Miller, MO to another fixer-upper, where they now have the room to raise plenty of healthy food for their family and for others. The Alger’s don’t like moving, so when this house is finished, they intend to enjoy it.

Tammy Alger says “Our goal is to raise animals without hormones, antibiotics, arsenicums, manure byproducts as feed, chemical wormers and any other substance that an animal would not ordinarily choose to eat if in its natural environment. We have found a certified organic feed supplier, so our layers, broilers and turkeys get an organic feed ration as well as the bugs and vegetation they love.”

The Alger’s are currently taking orders for our pastured chickens, pastured turkeys, and grass-finished beef. Their lamb is already sold out for this year. They have eggs, bread and soap year round but you do have to call ahead to make sure they have it when you want it.  Tammy goes on to say, “Because we know how hard it is for average income families to purchase healthy food, we try to keep our prices as low as possible.”

The Alger Family Farm is located about 30 minutes west of Springfield, MO and about 45 minutes east of Joplin, MO. See their have a website: where you can read more about their family farm, subscribe to their newsletter and order their products.

You can also see their farm listing on!

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