All You Eat is Art: Culistrations by Ina Arends

Food connects us to the world, by food we are connected to each other and to nature. Food is also seduction, it creates friendships or business deals, it is pre-eminently a social event. How we eat what we eat, where we eat and with whom. Ina creates from what inspires and amazes her, or put a smile on her face. Food touches many aspects in life.

After art school (study fine arts) Ina has more then 10 years experience as a painter. Ina wanted more interaction developing other talents and suddenly the next 10 years she was busy managing and organizing creative projects, art and food related at home and abroad (Brussels, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Kiev, Taipei). She worked for a creative lab and magazine called Addict Creative Lab in Brussels, and assisted several food pioneers as Marije Vogelzang and food designer Katja Gruijters.

Finally she chose to go back to creating herself, inspired by the never-ending food cycle.

Artwork created by Ina is edible for everyone 😉

Printed on high quality paper, limited editions and signed by the artist, Shipping all over the world! Go to or Etsy.

If you will LIKE allyoueatisart on Facebook, you will have the special Pick-A-Pepper print for the special price of 35, euro (about $40 US).

Please send a mail to [email protected] to order.


Ina’s Blog “Food Inspiration shower”, is a visual collection and daily research on creativity in food. Artists, cooks, kids, mums, designers, chefs, architects, grandmothers, stylists, photographers, fashion designers, you and me……..

Soon she will start Blogging about food & creativity for the international design

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