How To Make Comfrey Foliar Food

Comfrey can be used to make a great foliar spray, or “tea”,  for your vegetables, flowers, and trees.  You can even use the diluted concoction on flowering plants, without worry of burning them.  Comfrey tea costs nothing to make if you have it growing, and contains lots of Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, and other important trace minerals (N-P-K ratio of comfrey tea is  8:3:20).  Comfrey foliar sprays are also said to help control powdery mildew that is often a problem on cucumbers, pumpkins, and peas.

Here is how to make it:

Get a five gallon bucket with some kind of lid.

Cut enough comfrey leaves to fill the bucket to half or three-quarters.

Drop a brick or rock on top of the leaves to hold them down in the water.

Fill it up with water.

Let stand for 20 days to as much as 6 weeks.

Make sure to keep the lid on as this is rotted and stinky and attractive to bugs.

Dilute the “tea” to 1 part comfrey: 15 parts water and then spray, or water as a side dressing on anything that you like.

Variation: Throw in some stinging nettle, or weeds such as dandelion greens and roots, Black Jack, or chickweed.

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