Cajun Grain of Kinder, Louisiana

Cajun Grain is a 150 acre farm outside of Kinder Louisiana, and is the product of 30 years of rice and cattle farming.  Roughly 15 years ago, Kurt and Karen Unkel decided to make the move to farm in a more sustainable way with the environment.  About the transition, Karen says, “We began using less and less conventional farming chemicals, and began using more organic-type practices, such as cover-cropping and composting.”   Due to these more eco-friendly farming practices, Cajun Grain rice has gained a reputation of being tastier than many of its competitors.
Karen adds, “Next year may be our first year to raise our rice under fully organic conditions.  We were close this year, and were able to understand the best farming practices that work under our deep South weather conditions.   It isn’t easy to grow like conventional rice farming is, but sometimes the best things are worth that extra effort!  And because we believe that plants communicate with each other about how to flourish in their environment, we try to create a nurturing environment by spending a few evenings giving them 70s music.”  The 2012 rice field’s playlist?  The Beatles, Seals and Crofts, James Taylor, and The Mamas and The Papas.  Lucky plants!

You can purchase many Cajun Grain products directly from the farm, via  Right now they are listing brown jasmine rice, rice grits, and rice flour.  They can ship via flat rate USPS to all 50 states, or you can purchase from them at the local farmer’s market in Lake Charles, LA.

For more info about Cajun Grain visit their website:   or find them onFacebook!

Also check out this great article about Cajun Grain in the New York Times Magazine!

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