What to do with Plant Clippings?

Instead of running to the grocery store every time you need these 9 vegetables, look no further than your kitchen. Instead of tossing these into the composite bin, you can start growing! With just some water and a container, your can regrow these vegetables in your kitchen! You won’t need to gather all your garden supplies either!

1. Scallions

Use about an inch of the scallion cutting with the attached root and place in water. Place in a window near light and you will have new growth happening before you know it.


2. Basil

Place Basil cuttings and stems in water and when roots start to appear and are approximately 2 inches long, transfer them to a pot of soil. You will always have fresh Basil on hand for Caprese Salad and all your favorite dishes!


3. Celery

Place the end of the celery stalk in water and allow for the leaves to get a little thicker. After about 4 days, you can transfer it soil and allow for the celery to grow.


4. Bok Choy

Place the roots in a bowl or container of water. After a few weeks, place in dirt and a new head will grow.


5. Garlic Sprouts

Garlic spouts will grow from garlic clove and are a great addition to salads and pasta dishes. When the sprout appears, add a little water to a shallow bowl or dish.


6. Carrot Greens

Carrot greens can be grown from the tops of whole carrots. Place the tops in a dish of shallow water and allow of the greens to grow. Once they have grown, mix with some garlic and oil and add to your salad.


7. Romaine Lettuce

Place the bottom of the lettuce head into a dish of half an inch of water. Once roots appear, transplant the plant to soil where a much larger head of lettuce will appear. Bonus: You can do the same with cabbage!!


8. Cilantro

Place a few stems in water and after the roots have become long enough, you can transfer them to a pot of soil! In a few months you will have fresh cilantro!! Perfect for your favorite Mexican dishes and homemade salsa!


9. Rosemary

Take the cuttings from your Rosemary bush, prepare the cutting and place in soil. Keep the soil moist and allow for roots to appear. As the plant grows larger, transfer to a larger pot.



Don’t stop at the vegetables!!


As you prepare your holiday tree, use those tree cuttings as more than just mulch. Use them to decorate your home in a variety of ways!! Here are 5 ways to use those tree cuttings in your home decor.


  1. Use as decorative garland outside
  2. Make a homemade wreath
  3. Use as a package decoration
  4. Put the cuttings into decorated jars of water in your house
  5. Place the cuttings on your table as the base layer for a beautiful holiday table scape.


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