What Are The White Spots On Red Raspberries?

Have you ever noticed a few, or several, white spots on your red raspberries, and wondered what it was? This common occurrence is called “white drupelet disorder.” It is caused by a lack of pigmentation in the berries cells or “drupelets.”  The berries are just fine to eat and shouldn’t  taste noticeably different.

Also commonly called “sun scald,” white drupelet disorder usually occurs in hot weather when berries are exposed to direct intense sunlight.  You might notice it more on the berries that are on the outside of the bush, rather than the ones nicely shaded inside.  However, even shaded berries that are exposed to high temperatures or winds can trigger the response.

White drupelets on raspberries (and blackberries) might also occur from insect damage, especially stinkbugs.  Usually though this occurs randomly on one drupelet here or there, instead of in a patch on one side or near the top of the berry.

There are some types of raspberries that are less susceptible to white drupelet disorder including, Encore and Titan.  Their resistance is probably due to the fact that they are later varieties so the developing berries are exposed to high temperatures throughout development.

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