We’ll call it a Food Revolution

A Food Revolution? Sounds preposterous?

Maybe optimistic.  But hey, we NEED a revolution. A revolution in our food system, our diets, and our connection to our local communities.

Pick-A-Pepper is setting out on this great world wide web of people, ideas, and potential, to get this revolution train a rollin’.  It’s a step in the direction of sustainability.  It’s small-scale changes that add up to large-scale change.  A Food Revolution!

Just think of the possibilities.  Seasoned gardeners, a greenhorn, or the local 4-h club now have a platform to profit from their labor of love. Full time farmers who want to keep their crops in their local food systems now can.  And people wanting to support their friends and neighbors now have the platform to search and purchase local food.  Anyone can be a vendor and everyone can be a customer.  Everyone can participate in this local Food Revolution.

So welcome to our blog.  I hope to use it as an up-to-date resource hub for all the issues helping fuel this Food Revolution.  I am thrilled to be here and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Emma O’Connell

Founder and CEO

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