Tired of Chickens Eating Your Crops? Here’s How to Prevent it.

Chickens are a wonderful addition to a garden, but without close supervision they can destroy the crops within it. Chickens are scavengers and will eat anything that they can get a hold of, and the crops grown in gardens are a very fine target for them. But because of their scavenger tendencies, it’s extremely beneficial to have chickens in a garden to prepare the soil by eating all the insects and fertilizing it before you plant new crops. So how can you prevent chickens from eating the crops that are already grown while they prepare the soil for the next round of fresh fruits, vegetables, or flowers?

One effective method is much more simple than expected. The garden will first have to be divided into different sections and tunnels will run throughout these sections for the chickens to move around in. The tunnels should also include a system if cut-off gaits in order to prevent them from going into certain parts of the garden. The cut-off gaits will also help remove the chickens that have wandered into the wrong areas of the garden and are consuming the hard-earned crops. The tunnels can run along the entire garden so the chickens will have free range of motion and will remain happy and content. Once the crops are dug up and it’s time to plant new ones, you can release the chickens into the different sections so they are free to eat as many unwanted insects as their little hearts desire. This will bring the chickens a great amount of joy and will provide you with healthy, fertilized soil that is ready for the next batch of crops.

Chickens can prepare very rocky, dry, or rough soil and make it ready to be planted in, but they will also eat all of the already growing crops if they’re not closely watched. Chicken tunnels are a wonderful, creative, and simple way to ensure chickens only enter certain parts of a garden without depriving them of their freedom. This method will require work when first building the tunnels, but will make things much easier once they are intact.



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