Starting Seeds in Eggshells

When it’s time to start seeds for the garden everyone has their own method that they use.  Some use small peat pots, some newspaper pots, and some use the trusty black plastic flat.  These options are all fine and dandy, but all either use petroleum products to produce, have harmful inks or dyes, or cost money.  So here is a favorite idea that costs nothing, is full of beneficial nutrients and minerals, and is often tossed to the curb or compost: eggshells!

Here is what you need:

Eggshells– If you can’t make a quiche or two to supply you with enough shells, then ask your favorite breakfast place to save a day’s worth for you.  You can either try to crack the egg right in half, giving you 24 planters for each dozen eggs, or you can try to crack the eggs more towards the top of the egg, making a little more room for the growing roots (such as in the photo).

Pokey thing–  You will need to poke a hole in the bottom of the shell so it doesn’t become a mini-pond. I used a nail.

Soil-You can use sterile potting soil if you want to, though I never do.  A mix of compost, peat moss, and sand should do the trick.  Fill each egg shell 3/4 full with soil.

Seeds-Place 1-2 seeds in each shell half and cover with soil.


You can either start the shell planters inside and then when it’s time, plant the half shell, seedling, and all into it’s permanent spot OR you can use this method as a extra nutritious start for direct sowing (ie. you can start the seeds in the shells in the ground).  Either way, your seeds should get off to a strong start.


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