Slow Money Farm

Jan Hoadley grew up on a family farm in Illinois, and learned early that being different was OK. She’d been drawn to heritage and heirloom varieties partly because of the historical aspect, partly because of function, and partly because they were developed for small operations like Slow Money Farm.

She says “right now we’re very small, and although we’re working towards land in Kentucky, we’re currently limited in the amount of room we have available. So small stock has been an interest, and the manure goes into raised beds, which creates better soil and better conditions for the plants.”

Jan raises Giant Chinchilla rabbits which she loves for their good nature plus the larger size and market potential. They have a small but growing starter flock of Delaware chickens and Rhode Island Whites, plus Rhode Island Reds, Dominiques, Black Australorps, and other layers.  She says “we also have Dark Cornish, and in the growing pens buff and white laced red Cornish. We’ll have a few more selections coming up. Also prominent is the Midget White turkeys and Muscovy ducks. These are all kept along with raised bed gardens and form not only direct products but offshoots.”

Aside from eventual breeding stock, eggs and meat, Slow Money farm will also have vegetables, custom raised beds, garden/fishing worms, compost…”and whatever else we can do in a small area! We are challenged daily but working towards that land,” Jan says.

“It’s a little different” she says, ” and we think it combines beauty and function. We like knowing our customers, and they know we eat the same food they do.”

To find out more about Slow Money Farm, visit thier website at:  or check out their listing on!

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