Simon Boers Chevon LLC of Central Idaho

Simon Boers Chevon LLC is a small meat goat farm run by husband and wife team of Joe Bennett and Evelyn Simon. They raise grass-fed, Animal Welfare Approved meat goats on five acres in South Central Idaho, in the Hagerman Valley along the Snake River.
It’s kidding time now, and so far they are busy with 45 new little ones zipping around the fields and corrals. They sell most of the female Boer goats (‘does’) for use as breeding stock, some neutered males (‘wethers’) are sold for 4H projects, and the rest of the wethers are harvested for our meat business.

They currently have a fresh batch of goat meat (chevon) available by the cut; roasts, chops, shanks, burger, and a new bulk (not links) Italian sausage.  A goat roast makes a perfect, lean, and delicious way to celebrate an Easter meal. They are happy to email recipes.  Just remember since goat meat is very lean, use a marinade and low heat (slow cookers are great) to avoid overcooking.

You can purchase directly from Simon Boers Chevon LLC on!

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