Shamrock’s Buzzy Bee LLC

Al and Kathy Hildreth of Shamrock’s Buzzy Bee LLC (Four Oaks, NC) started their bee business in April 2008 with just two hives in their backyard.  Later that same year when they started to market their honey, they discovered there was a huge local demand for raw honey.  Since then they have seen their business grow and now offer many additional bee products including beeswax, beeswax candles, honey dog treats, various soaps that use honey or beeswax, lip balm with beeswax, and their latest product–creamed honey.  Creamed honey consists of crystallized honey that comes out smooth as butter. It comes in many different flavors such as blackberry, cinnamon, and recently they have added chocolate and pumpkin.

Al became a Certified beekeeper after taking classes through the Johnston County Agricultural Extension Office and passing the NCSU written and practical test.  For the past two years he has served as vice-president of the Johnston County Beekeeper Association.

Currently, Al and Kathy keep 25 hives and one large tree limb of bees.  They stay active with the bees by offering education and bee products to the public. Starting in 2011, they began selling bees in NUCS and help new beekeepers get set up keeping honeybees.  Their honey is primarily sold at the Clayton Farm and Community Market from April to October.  They also sell at craft shows and other ecological events.    You can find them online at FaceBook,, or


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