Roasted Root Vegetables

Roasted root vegetables are one of my favorite side dishes.  You don’t really even need a recipe to make them, you can improvise using more or less of any roots, tubers, bulbs, herbs or whatever else you want to throw into the mix.  You can make an extra large amount and have a ready addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner again.  Seriously easy.

Since it’s called “Roasted Root Vegetable” I usually stick to the following list of common ingredients.  You can pick and choose what you have available or what you can find local or you can even add some non-root veggies in such as peppers or squash.


Sweet potatoes






  • Chop up equal parts of each, or as little or as much of each as you want, tossing pieces into a large bowl as you go.
  • Drizzle just enough olive oil over root veggies to get a good coat on everything.  Use a spoon, or better yet, your hands to mix.
  • Chop up your favoirite herbs or whatever is in season and add to the mix.  I tend to use parsley, chives, basil, or rosemary or some of each.
  • add a little salt if you want, or not if you prefer.
  • spread evenly over a cookie sheet and bake in the oven for around 20 minutes at 375 degrees or until they start to sizzle and turn golden brown on top.

Written by Emma O’Connell, Founder of

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