Rattlesnake Master (Eryngium yuccifolium)

The name of this plant alone says just how cool it is.  With a weird spiky flower that beneficial insects love, the Rattlesnake Master (a.k.a. Yucca-leaf Eryngo, Button Snakeroot) is a must have native garden perennial.

Description: Native to prairies, glades, and rocky open woods across the Midwest, the leaves resemble yucca.  Rattlesnake Master is an unusual looking species with greenish-white spiky global head flowers that sit atop thick stems 36-54 inches tall. Flowering occurs July-August but the flower stalks will remain an interesting addition to the landscape well into fall and winter.  Rattlesnake Master is closely related to the European Sea Holly plant (Eryngium maritimum).

Cultivation: In full sun, Rattlesnake Master can grow well in dry, moist, and even clay soils.  It requires very little care and will seed itself well.  This is a good choice for low maintenance, native landscapes, and rain gardens.

Uses: If you are looking to attract beneficial butterflies, moths, and other insects, then Rattlesnake master is a good choice.  Traditionally, Native Americans use Rattlesnake Master to make strong cordage.  An extract from the root of the plant was said to be effective against snakebites. Some other claimed medicinal uses include venereal disease, worms, and impotence

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