How to Make Your Own Butter!

Homemade butter is something that most folks don’t bother with.  However, making butter in your home kitchen is easy, plus you know exactly what ingredients are going in to it.

Some general info and a few tips:

Cost comparison: If you don’t have your own cow, the price for homemade butter is probably equivalent to the price at the grocery store.

If you have access to raw unhomogenized milk, you can let the cream top form and then skim off the butterfat for making butter.

For every pound of butter you will need 6 cups of heavy cream.

To make a cultured butter, add a little plain yogurt to the heavy cream and let it sit for a day or so before beating it.

You can make butter by beating by hand (takes a while), or you can use a Kitchen aid, a food processor, or electric beaters.

Have a cheesecloth or strainer on hand to separate the buttermilk from the butter at the end of the beating process.

Making Butter in 10 minutes-Instructions: 

Pour the cream into a large mixing bowl.

Start beating on high, keep going until you have passed the whip cream stage (stiff peaks), and then beat some more.

You will know you have made it to the butter stage when the color changes from white to pale yellow and it gets thick and curd like.

When it starts splattering around, the buttermilk has started to separate from the milk solids. At this point you can stop beating and pour the contents of the mixing bowl into your strainer or cheesecloth.

Keep the buttermilk liquid for baking or whatnot.

With your hands or a spoon press out as much liquid as possible.

The butter solids that are now in the strainer can be kneaded together into a nice smooth ball. Don’t be afraid to get in there and really work it with your hands.

You can also add salt (1/2 tsp should be plenty) herbs, honey, maple syrup, truffle oil (?!),  or spices at this point.

Press your butter into ramekins, butter molds or roll it to make a log.  If you want portions for baking, measure as you go, or divide the pound into 4 equal parts (each being a “stick” of butter-or 8 T).

To buy or sell homemade butter or anything else you can think of that is locally produced, check!
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