How to make a garlic garden spray

Garlic is an excellent and cheap way to deter many sucking and soft bodied insects such as aphids and whiteflies. You can also use it to curb fungal growth in place of sulphur sprays.


3 oz of garlic

2 TBL mineral oil

1 pint of water

1 tsp natural fragrance free dish soap or Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile


1. chop or press garlic

2. add garlic to mineral oil and let stand for around 2 days.

3. strain out chunks and put remaining garlic infusion plus the rest of the ingredients in a spray bottle.

4. go to town.

5. repeat when necessary and after rain.

Sprays are best used in the morning or at dusk when insects are more sluggish.  Make sure you use up the spray within a week or so, and store it in a dark cool area away from nose reach.

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