Hames & Axle Farm

Founded in 1996 by Pat Stewart Hames,  Hames & Axle Farm began as an educational service but quickly became addicted to goats.  As a way to teach children about dairy, they bought some Nigerian dwarf goats, and after the first ones were born couldn’t turn back.  They now breed goats for health, personality, production and performance.  In addition Hames & Axle Farm teaches classes on goat keeping, publishes the magazine “Ruminations,” and has a book available from www.lulu.com called 
“Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goatkeeping.”

Hames & Axle Farm does sell Nigerian dwarf goats, but only after personal conversations. Pat says “We want our goats to have ‘forever homes,’ so we are careful where they go”.  That is why they don’t list their goats for sale over the Internet.

About their soaps, Pat says “Our soap is treasured by our customers for its gentleness, longevity, moisturizing properties, and the fact that we stand behind our product.  Feel free to ask for any particular type we haven’t listed. If it’s made with essential oils and no colorants, we’ll do it, but we don’t make anything with additives that might irritate anyone’s sensitivities. 

We hope you’ll try Surfing Goat Soaps, named after our goat kids who surf on their mother’s backs to learn their amazing sense of balance. Your purchase helps us feed the goats and keep on making soap.  Thank you very much.”


You can purchase their lovely soaps on Pick-A-Pepper.com as well as at their website Surfing Goat Soaps


For more of Hames & Axle Farm’s publications see the following links:

Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goat Keeping

Ruminations Magazine  

Pat is also Moderator for the Small Holders Alliance and is President of North Country Sustainability Center, Inc.

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