Haag Family Walnut Orchards

Haag family walnut orchards have been growing now for over 30 years.  They specialize in Internet retailing of four varieties of low-allergy English walnuts that come in many forms such as green, red and wet.  These are all described on the Haag’s website www.Walnuts.US with an order form included there also.  No phone orders are accepted, but they provide near-instant response to e-mail questions.

Being 100% heat-, peanut-, manure-, gluten- and insecticide-free makes it possible for the Haag’s to provide walnuts, both shelled and in-shell, to allergic customers in all 50 states and overseas for 52 weeks each year.  Haag farms will ship daily with arrivals at your home between 48 hours minimum to 72 hour maximum with no extra charges for anything.

Chefs brag about the uncommon Yolo Red walnut variety with its creamier flavor and more easily digestible reddish skin over a crunchy white nutmeat interior.  Others love the convenience of the Bakers Pieces, which are nicely chopped for you bakers.  Haag Farm has many fans that return for the light-colored Chandlers, the intensely flavored Vinas, and the large full-spectrum flavored Tulare walnuts.

You can see more about the Haag Farm, including their items for sale, on their website or at Pick-A-Pepper.com.

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