Greens To Grow In Hot Weather

When the weather turns hot, many types of greens bolt their seed heads and turn too bitter to eat.  Here is a list of several types of greens that can be grown all summer long, and some that even thrive in heat.

  • Amaranth.  Amaranth is a tall plant with large-medium tender greens that taste similar to spinach when cooked.  The leaves range in color from green to dark red and add an ornamental look to any garden or landscape.  Amaranth also has large beautiful flower heads that produce highly nutritious seed.
  • Aztec Spinach or Huauzontle (Chenopodium nuttalliae). The small red leaves can be used like spinach. The seed heads can also be eaten like broccoli.
  • Egyptian Spinach or Molokheiya (Corchorus olitorius). This plant can be used in salad, as a tea, or it can be dried and used to thicken soups.  The same plant can be harvested continuously throughout the summer. The fibers from Egyptian Spinach are also used to make Jute, or burlap.
  • Kale.  Although perhaps know better as a cold weather crop, kale will also grow all summer long.  A wonderful 4-season plant.
  • Malabar Spinach (Basella rubra). A vigorous vining Asian vegetable with abundant tasty leaves. Plants have an attractive red stem, which make this an interesting addition to any garden.
  • New Zealand Spinach (Tetragonia expansa). A slow germinator, but once it gets going it can tolerate seemingly inhospitable conditions, such as salt, drought, and even sand.  Small arrow shaped leaves taste similar to spinach.
  • Orach (Atriplex hortensis). Unique and colorful leaves that can be eaten raw and really add some pizzazz to a salad.
  • Edible “weeds”.  There are lots of common weeds that can be enjoyed even in a heat wave.  Instead of making a fuss over all the weeds you have to pull, enjoy the thought of a carefree salad, sprouted on it’s own accord.  Here are a few: dandelions, garden sorrel, pursalane, andpatience dock.

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