Grasse River B Ranch

Grasse River B Ranch is a family owned and operated goat ranch and dairy located in Madrid, NY.  Jesse and Krista Barton started their venture with a desire to raise their five children in a healthy environment that would give them the quality of life that occurs while living on a farm.

They raise goats and make high quality goat cheese.  Krista says “goat cheese is naturally homogenized therefore able to be digested by people who are lactose intolerant. It also has more calcium and fewer carbohydrates. We raise Saanen/Nubian crosses which are grazed off of native, naturally fertilized pasture.”

Currently the Barton’s are making a raw, aged, farmstead goat cheese in 2 different flavors as well as a raw, aged, artisan cow cheese in 2 different flavors:plain and chive. They just recently purchased a pasteurizer which will enable them to expand their line of cheese giving them the ability to make spreadable flavored cheese and feta. They hope to have their new products available by the end of April.

You can purchase their products at their online store on their website, or on or call them at 315-322-4769. You can also find their cheeses at The Nature Food Store in Canton, N.Y.

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