Fall is a great time to become a Pick-A-Pepper vendor

Fall is a great time to become a vendor on Pick-A-Pepper.com.

For many of us there is still plenty to do in the kitchen, garden or out on the farm.  But as the days get shorter, the air a little cooler, and the first snows start to fall (for many in the Northeast, this past weekend!) we can sit back, assess the waning growing season, and think about next year.

Here are some of the benefits of selling your products on Pick-A-Pepper.com:

  • It’s free!  Some of the other sites where local producers can sell online charge up to 16% of the sale plus 6% of shipping, if applicable.  Pick-A-Pepper believes that the grower should keep 100% of their sales.
  • It’s easy to use!  It is simple to upload your products for public viewing on Pick-A-Pepper.  Here are the steps:
    1. Sign up as vendor
    2. Create a description of your operation and information
    3. Enter your product information and set a delivery/pick-up/or shipping (coming soon) schedule
    4. Choose “active” and save.
  • It’s flexible!  Not only do you have total control over your listings, but you also can set your delivery or pick-up dates to fit your schedule.  That way if you need to deliver on a Monday one week and a Wednesday the next, you easily can let your customers know this.

If you are not already signed up, it’s fast and easy and you can do it today!  And don’t forget the first vendors to sign up in their zip code get a free week ($15 value) as a featured vendor on Pick-A-Pepper.

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