Cedar Hill Farm

Cedar Hill Farm of Rice Minnesota is a truly diversified farm.  They sit on 40 acres and practice sustainability.  The following is a sampling of the Cedar Hill Farm written by Jill Johnson herself:

The menu at Cedar Hill Farm for today includes:

Artist Jill Lasagna:

Noodles of fresh hand-ground wheat berries, persimmon orange heirloom tomatoes (fresh from the garden), fresh diced gigantic hard neck garlic, a fragrant blend of just-snipped parsley, basil, tarragon, and marjoram adds to our delectable cultivation of a grifola frondosa mycel!

Let us not forget a few diced heirloom Italian peppers to make up this dish not to be outdone.

 Season Salt of our harvest of herbs:

The scents alone could make you ooh and awe, which is why we make herbal oils out of many of our plants.

Artisan Steve’s Onion Rye Sticks:

Made from our own homegrown grain, ground to produce a heart-healthy crunch and fresh Italian baby cipolini onions. Do you know how great these are toasted with butter and homemade mozza?

Blonde de Paris, Freckles, & Merveille de Quatre Saison lettuces with Aged Gourmet Rosemary and Black Elderberry Vinaigrette (naturally all from our own garden).

Gourmet Filet Baby Beans:

With anything but more than just the slightest pinch of seasonings we’d miss the point.

One of the few remaining Heirloom Sweet Corns: Country Gentleman:

Again, with anything but more than just the slightest pinch of seasonings we’d miss the point.

Alyssa says we must eat the first cob of each season raw right after picking, and I agree so much I sometimes go for seconds or thirds.

My purple ribbon winner Red Raspberry, Currant, Hot Pepper Jam:

Contains just the berries, sugar, pectin, the makings of a powerhouse of nutrition and flavor to be experienced with cream cheese and crackers.

We also have Strawberry, Choke Cherry, Wild Black Raspberry, Apple, Tomato, Ground Cherry, Elderberry, and many other great orchard offerings.

Cranberry Apple Spice Golden Pound Cake with Fresh Ground Rye:

Can it be true? A Pound cake that is good for you and of exquisite repute at the same time.

Bigger Best Chewy Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies:

If I gave you the recipe it would be, well, I couldn’t.

Now if you would be so kind as to go wash up for dinner with some of our handmade…Strawberry Soap:

And you might want to try out a dab of our lilac oil just cause it smells nice.


Too bad we don’t have a restaurant, but we do have the goods.

Thanks to Mother Nature, we produce delectable, delicious, scrumptious, nutritious goods that have been selected as finalists in all 3 of the categories we entered into in a

National Gallo GOLD MEDAL Awards for small family farm food production.


Cedar Hill Farm is located in the heart of Minnesota, and worldwide at www.cedar-hill-farm-minnesota.com and www.jilljj.com.  We believe it critical to care for our environment and practice sustainable all natural gardening and living. We also specialize in horse breeding, photography, custom artwork, preserves, beadwork, gourd craft, cooking, cultivating mushrooms, rare and heirloom cultivation, distilling the elixir of nature and then sharing the seeds from it.

So, if you are looking for unique and tasty produce, seeds, herbal oils, salts, soaps, preserves, you came to the right place. If you are “just looking”, we think you’ll enjoy our collection of photography and art. You’ll find really great photos (available in fine art prints) at www.jilljj.com and be sure to visit our site at www.cedar-hill-farm-minnesota.com and  www.pick-a-pepper.com for news, tips, products, and more about us.

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