About Pick-A-Pepper

Pick-A-Pepper is a farm-to-table web platform, connecting local farmers, gardeners, and food artisans with local consumers, restaurants, and institutions. Visitors can easily purchase seasonal, local goods in small or large quantities at fair prices. It’s like Craigslist or Etsy for local food.

Anyone who has a bounty to share can become a vendor, no matter how large or small–be it a backyard garden, home kitchen operation, or hundred acre farm. At Pick-A-Pepper, we believe that the producer should keep every penny of their hard earned dollars, so unlike other websites, we will never charge our vendors a commission or a membership fee, it’s free. We offer all producers a platform to market and sell their products, essentially a ready made website of their own.

Pick-A-Pepper is a grassroots way to boost sustainable local food systems and food economies. We bring fresh, local food to your fingertips! Thank you for visiting our website.